24 Nov 2016 by Bappy Golder

Does personal branding matter?

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Before I start I must share something I’m excited about. Today I also launched this site, and it is another work in progress. But I’m happy about getting it out there. I wanted something like this for a while and now. I finally made it. Now back to personal branding.

The phrase “personal branding” might sound like a cliche. But it encompasses many areas such as social media marketing (SMM), influence marketing, blogging and more.

Since moving to Sydney I have been wanting to make a web presence that is updated and more relevant to what I am doing lately. Finally it is coming together.

Here’s what the current landing page looks. It’s not done completely but it is heading to the right direction.

BappyGolder.com Website Preview
BappyGolder.com Website Preview

The blog page looks like this now (see below). That is mostly the out of the shelf solution. It doesn’t matter whether you are making a website or baking a cake, you always need to do a ton of work to achieve a result that that you want. And it is very satisfying to see something that you have created that only existing in the depth of your mind just a few days ago. So I’ll be working on the blog page to improve it over the following weeks. I’m grateful that it is coming together. I’m thankful to Pat who among others have been very helpful along the process of some of my latest work.

Bappy Golder, BappyGolder.com/blog page
Bappy Golder, BappyGolder.com/blog page

So… personal branding again

Does it matter? I think it doesn’t matter more than your personal satisfaction. If you love sharing what you are working on with the world then do just that. If it helps with your marketing perhaps choose to do that as a separate project. But at the end of the day how you feel about your work is more important than how you present yourself.

I have to admit though there are some advantages when you have a website/blog. Like when you go for a job interview and the interviewers says “I never met you but I feel like I know you.” or when you interview someone for a job and they say, “I really want to work on XYZ project that you are working on”. A personal brand allows you to define who you are on the web, rather than leaving that job to Google or Facebook.

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