03 Dec 2016 by Bappy Golder

Project Starter

Note: This is a technical post.

I have a simple boilerplate type project and called it Project Starter. I made it to save time when when I need to start a new web project. If you need to start  a new website or a web project you can simply download and start building.

It has a bunch of common files and plugins already included like:

  • Normalize.css
  • jQuery Library
  • A bunch of jQuery plugins such as:
    • Slick
    • Sticky etc.

The other advantage of this project is that all the HTML, CSC & JS files are all connected so you don’t have to waste time connecting them.

I’m sharing it here if as a reference. Feel free to use it whenever you need to stat a new web project. Project Starter is a part of my Code Library project.



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