04 Jul 2018 by Bappy Golder

There’s hype, there’s stories and there’s business…

It’s interesting when you are busy at work you don’t always have time to write stories or pose for a photo. I’m writing this now because I am not working right now. And when I’m at work I don’t write. Given I’m not a writer.

The underrated “workaholic”

The word workaholic is strange. And we tend to use this label sometime for the wrong people. Consider an artist who loves his/her work. Is she workaholic? How about someone who doesn’t feel like he is working.

I tend to think you if you have a purpose you don’t work. You take part in a game that you enjoy. Just like a mother who goes through a lot of pain giving birth to a child and doesn’t complain. She is not sick or overworked. She is doing what is necessary to have a baby. Likewise, we are often not working when we are driven by a great purpose. We are building a home to live, helping a health to heal, educating a new generation, caring for a sick parent, paying back for some silly mistakes of the past, dreaming up the next love etc. Not being workaholic.

Two of my favorite characters in the history are Isaac Newton and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Are they workaholic? Well, they may be, but if they weren’t, some of the most beautiful tunes would’ve never have been heard by human ears.

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