23 Nov 2016 by Bappy Golder

Uncut, Unedited

After a long time of being away from blogging I think I’m almost starting back again. This is a semi test post 😉 so feel free to read on…

My old blog/website Bups.co has been down for a while. And I didn’t have enough time to bring it live again. But that had some well loved content so I’ll try to get that back up again sometime. But for now I’m testing with this post to make sure my new Blog site works.

I was first inspired for blogging by Leo Babota by his Zen Habbits blog. So in my old website I used to blog occasionally. I used to craft my writing for a while, do the SEO and share it and all the other bells and whistles that goes with it. But that used to take so long. As a consequence I would only publish once a month or in long intervals.

This time I’m motivated to blog by Seth Godin. He blogs everyday. Sometimes small, sometimes long posts. He is more casual and he doesn’t try to do a master piece each time. And that’s what I’m hoping here too.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Leo’s work and read his blog more than anyone else’s. Even more than Seth’s. But I think there is more satisfaction on casual conversations in your blog, and that’s what I’m hoping to this time.

In this blog I want to be casual and more frequent. So if you are following/reading please expect typos and occasional slang. I won’t always have time to edit my post 20 times before publishing. My goal is to share and connect. In the process I hope to jot down some of my fleeting thoughts that helps or inspires me. With a hope that it can help others too or remind me to be optimistic in the future. However if you find something terribly wrong feel free to send me an update request or feedback. And where possible I’ll make adjustment. Not to mention this also mean when you talk to me in person I will sound very much like my writing.

So let’s get started again world. The real raw Bappy blogging again in it’s truest form. This time it is going to be uncut and unedited. Yeah baby…

PS: I didn’t edit this post much. Since that’s the plan why not start that way.

PS: what would you like me to bog about?

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