21 Jun 2018 by Bappy Golder

The high burn rate…

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  ~ African Proverb

Some of you might be familiar with the above saying. The truth is, sometime you have have a need to go fast, and other times you don’t. It is important to have an understanding of what journey you are on.

I was musing this evening that a rocket goes very far, but it also goes very fast. Does that make the proverb above untrue? Well, it doesn’t, and here’s how.

As a rocket moves through space it burns a lot of fuel very fast. That is the third element we need to take into consideration. I tend to believe the speed of the movement is relative to the burn rate. Same holds true for people. Think Steve Jobs as an example of very far, very fast. A great example of lots of high achievements, with a cost of lost relationships and health.

Slow is often sweet, but life doesn’t always dishes out dessert. Hence why we need be prepared for some occasional churns and burns, it’s part of life.

So which journey should we be on? Well, it depends. As we live we will inevitably face both. It helps to understand the nature of the journey when we come face to face with a massive dip.

Next time you burn an opportunity or a loose a relationship, perhaps ask yourself before you worry too much, “Which journey was this one”.