17 Jun 2018 by Bappy Golder

Another nice Sunday

One great thing that is going about Sydney is it’s rich cafe, food, and social culture. I’m definitely a busy city boy.  When you make some time though it’s very easy to find somewhere a little away from the CBD (Central Business District) and recharge yourself with some great coffee!

I’m just finishing my very late first meal of the day at the Corellis Cafe Gallery in Newtown. Luckily our developer Bharat was available on the other end of the call and able to chat about the latest design I’ve completed about one part of oLab. That’s going to be done by tomorrow. We are halfway there with this.

I’m excited about starting next week on Monday. Also very grateful to the people I have around me.

Hope your weekend was good too…

Corellis Cafe Gallery Newtown, Sydney Australia
My Breakfast @ Corelli’s Cafe this afternoon. Yes, I do breakfast in the afternoon sometime.

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