29 Nov 2016 by Bappy Golder

The negative momentum effect

I’ve never heard the phrase “negative momentum effect”. It is possible that I’m making a new phrase up. It sounds pompously better if I actually said I just coined this new term, ha ha…

Here’s something I recently observed. When we are doing something continually over relatively long period at some point it becomes harder to stop.

This is obvious when we think about a car I suppose; but how about watching TV or scrolling through the Facebook feed or eating some of those food you love. Did you ever notice that after watching a TV for a while we sometime don’t feel like stopping. Even if the program you turned it on for is over. I’m not a big TV person, most of my entertainment comes from the internet. However I feel like not stopping whenever I’m watching TV.

There are probably a lot more negative momentum effects that takes place everyday. The only way to stop the effect influencing is just stopping. And sometimes when you stop doing something like checking Facebook feed, you may be left with a slight bit of disappointment without any realistic reasons.

This happens in big and small scale. Perhaps we often refer to it as fear of change. Is it possible that we are afraid or uncomfortable of change because our brains has gained some momentum and that’s why it resists the change.

Did you notice that sometimes we actually feel good after doing something that we initially didn’t want to do? Did you also notice that sometime the only thing that stops us are the same things that stops a car. It’s obstacles that stops us from running in autopilot and pushes us to try something new. And all of a sudden we realise that we came out of our comfort zone without even know we did.

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