05 Dec 2016 by Bappy Golder

Learn like a turtle act like a horse

Often when we learn something, initially we start with a passion to learn the subject.

Some of us however are cursed with “The Vinchcurse”. We have many interests. So often half way through learning something new our direction changes. We either stop and start something new or our primary motivation for learning becomes racing to the end.

It is vital to keep a clear focus on our motivation for learning something new. If we have the motivation clear in our mind, it becomes easier to invest extra time for mastery.

The extra time we spend in mastering something (not just learning) can save hours down the track. So I embraced this philosophy:

If you are going to use something a lot, don’t just learn it. Master it.

Learn like a turtle work like a horse - By Bappy Golder

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